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One simple life truth: You take less damage winning bets than fights.

The Five Pound Main Event is a podcast hosted by Matthew McAloone, comedian and lover of MMA, who could happily talk fighting all day.  This show will interest anyone hungry for an audio/video digest ahead of big fight cards, who are willing to hear Matthew pass off the best of other people’s opinions as his own, as unlike him, they don’t have the time to listen to all the other great MMA podcasts available.

Most weeks he will have a guest to talk fighting with. They will talk about upcoming cards, what got them into MMA, bad betting stories (fun ones only) and the main event… all guests get to put MATTHEW’S money where THEIR mouth is. With a £5 bet of their choice on the upcoming fight card.


However, it’s not just about winning the cash. The grand prize is placement in the “FPME Hall of Fame” displaying the savviest bets by the jammiest B*****d guests. The bet could range from a simple “this person will win” to the boldest of picking the winner for each bout… and the round  (If this ever happens, Matthew 100% promises he will still give the guest the winnings).

It's not for everyone, but some people certainly find fights more enjoyable with a small financial incentive. Betting aside, this pod will have something for you, as Matthew covers all fun things fighting, that doesn’t happen in the cage. You can also engage on social media to keep the chat going, and share bets if you make any.

As 'Fast' Eddie Felson once said: "Money WON is twice as sweet as money EARNED.”

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